Article by PlatformVG

11 juli 2018

Erwin Meinders and Reon Smits have been interviewed by PlatformVG – a platform for care organizations working with people with mental disabilities to connect their relatives/representatives to the organizations. In the article Erwin and Reon tell about the company, the values behind it and about the products of Mentech Innovation.

The full text of the article (in Dutch) can be found under this link.

In the article, Erwin and Reon tell that they have been engaged in mental healthcare for a long time. They want to develop a product that can measure emotions such as stress, sadness, happiness and pain by people with severe mental disabilities or mental problems.

“With emotion recognition we want to give these people a voice, increase their quality of life and offer them more joy in life”.

The products they are telling about in the article, help to quantify emotions by using smart sensors. These sensors record different behavioral parameters to determine the emotion the person is feeling. Parents and caregivers can access this information using an app which visualizes the data into graphs. From that, they can provide the person the care he or she needs. This ultimately makes the person happier and prevents sudden outburst of anger, improving the workload of a caregiver as well.

It is very important for Mentech Innovation to work together with the community of caregivers and partners, involving the environment of people with intellectual disabilities in the further development of our products. This will enable our products to improve and adapt to the needs of the community.

“…we want to ensure that people with a severe disability or mental problems get a voice, are happy and are better with themselves. We especially want to stay close to the soft, human care. That is very important for us”.

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