8 April 2019 Company News


Due to the growth of our team, Mentech Innovation moved to a new office in early March. In the coming period, we will further develop the emotiondetector HUME, with a cloud release as a next major update in April, integrate the data science models and expand our validation study with the participation of new care organizations. With this, we are committed to make a difference in improving the quality of life of vulnerable people.





10 February 2019 Company News

Care organisation De Opbouw (with Prinsenstichting, Zideris and Lyvore) has signed a multi-year agreement with Mentech Innovation, to validate and accelerate the further development of our emotion artificial intelligence platform HUME. In this multi-year collaboration, Mentech Innovation will work closely together with care teams from Prinsenstichting, Zideris and Lyvore to validate the HUME in care houses with people with a mental disability and dementia. The validation studies will in particularly lead to a better understanding of emotions and stress in vulnerable people with limited verbal communication possibilities, eventually to give them a voice. We are very proud to team up with such a strong partner!


8 October 2018 Company News

Care organisation Severinus has signed a multi-year agreement to support the HUME, our stress detection system. With this agreement, Severinus is officially our first backer and launching customer. In this multi-year agreement, Mentech Innovation is going to further develop the HUME at Severinus by performing multiple validation studies together with caregivers and clients of Severinus, enabling us to validate and further improve our product with our most valuable customers.

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9 July 2018 Company NewsEvents

Last Friday, our new office was officially opened with an informal drink with friends and family. Overall more than 40 people celebrated this new milestone with us. Together, we had a very ‘gezellig’ (Dutch for cozy, heartwarming) evening.

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