A day at Mentech Innovation

14 August 2018

Virtual reality, facial recognition, JavaScript frameworks, applications for our partners, research and development – all that and more of our daily life further in the article.

The summer holidays are over and our team is back in the office. This August we will continue working on the delivery of the first version of our Emoradar and Emokit. We will also work on the establishment of new partnerships and maintaining old partnerships.

Today we have decided to walk around the office and see what the members of the Mentech team are working on.


Our management – Erwin and Reon – are heavily involved in the communication with our partners. They have been visiting care organisations, manufacturers and our sponsors to get feedback and new ideas for the development of the end product.

Software Team

Our Software team is currently working on several things.

Bart has set up a goal to make the Emokit ready for production, secure and stable.
Polina is researching the ways to implement the website for the caregivers using JavaScript frameworks. On this website the caregivers can see graphs with client data which should be presented in the most efficient visual way.
Stef is working for one of our partners and is developing an application for them.
Two more people are going to join Mentech Innovation Software team in the end of August.

Hardware Team

The Hardware team is researching into sensors for measuring body parameters.

The problem with most modern bracelets used for sensing body parameters is inaccuracy of data they gather. To solve this problem Mahmoud is working on a choice of sensors and microcontrollers to gather data efficiently. Diane is also working on the problem of the sensor inaccuracy trying to make the output of gathered data as clear and accurate as possible. She is looking into using Virtual Reality technologies to create virtual rooms, making them scary or calming. These rooms can be used as test environments to perform measurements to further gather data for processing.
At the end of August one more person will join the Mentech Hardware team. He will work on the choice of sensors for the wearable.

Data Science Team

The Data Science team has recently expanded to 5 people and in the end of August one more person will join. Currently the team is doing research in a new direction that Mentech Innovation is interested in – using facial recognition to measure pain.

Clemént, Chris and Mihai are looking into machine learning algorithms to essentially create an application which would allow you to film a person and see the emotions they are experiencing.

Overall, we are getting close to the first deliverable of the end product – Emokit and Emoradar. In Q3-Q4 2018 the product should be ready for tests in a care organisations.

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