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Mentech Innovation was founded by Erwin Meinders to give a voice to vulnerable people with ununderstood behavior. As a volunteer at Severinus, a care organization for people with intellectual disabilities, he has experienced that people with a complex care need are often insufficiently able to express their emotions.

“His buddy Patrick, a man with a severe intellectual disability, cannot talk. One day his wringing shoes caused pain and discomfort, but this only became clear when his shoes were taken off after a lot of stress. This inspired Erwin to develop a smart sensor system that can recognize stress and emotions. “

Patrick is no exception. Many people with an intellectual disability or dementia are often unable to express their emotions or feelings.


Mentech Innovation develops the HUME, a system for measuring real-time stress and emotions, ultimately to improve the quality of life and the happiness of vulnerable people.

The HUME consists of wearables with built-in electronics and sensors to measure physiological data (such as heart rate, skin conduction, skin temperature and activity), and a data analysis platform to translate these measurements into stress levels and other emotions via smart algorithms and pattern recognition.

The first version of the HUME® is designed for recognizing stress and stress build-up in people with ununderstood behavior.


Our young and driven team consists of 25 data scientists, software developers, behavioral experts and healthcare technologists. We believe in the power of co-creation and collaboration. We work intensively with our knowledge partners, including academic workshops and universities, and with our care partners.

We use the behavioral knowledge present within healthcare institutions to develop and validate our product, the HUME.


Erwin Meinders


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Manouk Hermans

Marketing Strategist

Bart Monhemius

Lead Software Developer

Fransje van Oost

Biomedical Scientist

Denise Klep

Data Scientist

Anne Bonewald

Healthcare Technologist

Denisa Apostol

Software Developer

Maarten Wessels

Front-End Developer

Stefan de Vries

Data Scientist

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Data Analyst

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Software Developer

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Data Analyst

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