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The Trinity project team from Mentech and Tegema developed a successful demonstrator in which an ABB cobot works with an operator while performing a complex assembly task. The HUME was integrated to measure operator emotion during a cobot-assisted assembly task for optimal operator engagement (both in terms of operator well-being and productivity).

A robot can take over complex tasks, making the assembly process safer, faster and qualitatively better. The downside of working with a cobot is that the potential loss of control can cause stress for the operator. And stress has a negative impact on well-being, safety and productivity. To this end, the following research question was formulated: ‘What degree of control do you transfer to the cobot, without having a negative impact on the operator?’ For this research, the project team had 25 participants perform a complex assembly task together with a cobot. During this assembly task, the HUME determined the moments of stress based on physiological measurements and trained stress models. In the coming period we will further elaborate the correlations found between ‘loss of control’ and ‘measured stress’ and integrate them into a dasboard for intervention advice. With this dashboard we want to steer on the one hand to an optimal state of mind of the operator (job satisfaction) and on the other hand to safety and productivity.


25 March 2021 Uncategorised

The Rabo Specialists magazine will soon be published, containing a story about Mentech and it’s commercial director Eric Riegen. Through the Money Meets Ideas platform, Eric was linked to the founders of Mentech. Since September, Eric has stepped on board and great progress has now been made with the HUME being brought to market. Read Eric’s full story soon in the Customer &Rabobank magazine of Rabobank Oost-Brabant!


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‘If you understand misunderstood behavior, you know better what to do,’ says regional manager Gerard Cialdella of Prinsenstichting. This organization for people with intellectual disabilities works together with the Eindhoven-based company Mentech. Together they tested and validated the HUME software system, which can detect increasing tension and stress and predict escalations from a client’s physiology. Cialdella: ‘Based on this, we can analyze what is causing the tension, such as excessive stimulation or a certain sound. We can also use it to measure the effectiveness of an intervention, such as going for a walk, or certain medication.

Read more about the validation study of the HUME within Prinsenstichting in the article of the Zorgvisie.

Read the full article!


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‘We are entering a new phase with Mentech and that includes a new look. We are a high-tech, innovative and young company and we want to radiate that.’ says CEO Erwin Meinders. That’s why our Marketing Strategist Manouk Hermans started a project together with Jelle Zweegers to design a new logo that fits the new phase of Mentech. The resulting logo fits our core values very well.



Not only did we give Mentech a new look, we also designed a new logo for the HUME. The HUME stands for humanity, connection and support – but how do you translate that into a logo? Luckily Jelle Zweegers knows the answer to that question! In the HUME logo, the care provider literally stands upside down in order to understand the client’s behavior. In this way, we want to stimulate thinking outside the box in healthcare. In this way, misunderstood behavior is something the caregiver can work with and we offer the tools to make this easier. In terms of colors, we chose to keep the dark blue base color of Mentech to maintain consistency. In addition, we chose a pink color that is central to the warm care that the HUME can complement.



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AMI consultancy, En-gager Group and Mentech are starting a new collaboration to implement a methodology for a learning attitude. Together, we are committed to improve the learning culture of our organizations and stimulating the personal development of our employees.

The Engage to Learn project is designed to further professionalize our learning culture as learning organizations. To do this, we link strategic business goals to personal development goals and use cross-company coaching to optimize learning from each other. We use data from our organizations and smart algorithms as the basis of the methodology. This enables us to perform analyses and gain insight into the development patterns, the level of knowledge and thus the learning culture of the organizations. Based on these analyses, we can focus on the development of knowledge and competencies of employees on the one hand, and the realization of long-term business objectives on the other. This provides employees and employers with an optimum incentive to continue learning. A win-win for the employee and the employer!

Thanks to the SLIM arrangement, the Engage to Learn (E2L) project has been launched. Mentech, AMI Consultancy and En-gager Group work closely together. AMI Consultancy is the specialist in advice with impact and brings large-scale and complex projects with change management issues to a success. En-gager Group develops smart apps for measuring employee commitment and developing the learning culture of organizations. Mentech develops streaming software platforms and smart algorithms for recognizing patterns in large amounts of data. Together we are going to use our knowledge and experience to develop a culture of a learning attitude!


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“ORO makes you grow with happiness. This involves choosing and participating. I want this and certainly not that.” To contribute to this ambition, ORO has started a collaboration with Mentech Innovation. Mentech Innovation is the developer of the HUME, a digital system for recognizing stress and stress build-up by people with mental disabilities. Many people with a mental disability cannot state how they feel. As a result, they often experience stress moments and are not well understood by their environment. It is important to better understand ununderstood behavior in order to increase the quality of life and the happiness of this vulnerable target group. In addition to less tense situations, better understanding and better care also lead to less tension among care providers.

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