5 March 2020 News

This week Mentech was invited by the Emiliusschool to present the HUME to teachers and employees of special education schools from Poland, Lithuania and the UK for a European exchange program of Erasmus+.


19 December 2019 News

Mentech Innovation and the HUME are covered in December 2019 by Te Berde, the quarterly magazine of Severinus.
Read the full aricle below (in Dutch).


3 December 2019 News

Many people with intellectual disabilities cannot state how they feel. As a result, they often experience unnecessary moments of stress and they are not always understood by their environment. Better understanding and appropriate interventions may lead to less tense situations, but also to less tension among healthcare providers. ‘s Heeren Loo has started a pilot study in collaboration with Mentech Innovation to provide insight into signals of stress, emotion and pain by people with misunderstood behavior.


3 December 2019 News

“Every person a place in the heart of our society.” Humanitas DMH, a national humanistic care organization for people with intellectual disabilities, puts people at the center of everything they do. Every individual is given the space to find and keep a place in society. To contribute to this, Humanitas DMH has started a collaboration with Mentech Innovation.

People with intellectual disabilities need support in many facets of life. They are often unable to express their emotions, pain or stress. As a result, their behavior is not always well understood and it is sometimes difficult for caregivers to provide the required attention and meaningful care. To recognize stress at an early stage, Mentech Innovation is developing the HUME. The HUME is an emotion recognition platform that records physiological and personal characteristics (such as heartbeat, skin conduction and voice) with wearables (electronic devices that you wear on your body). These characteristics are then converted into tension and emotions with the help of smart algorithms and behavioral models. In this way HUME gives vulnerable people a voice which ultimately contributes to increasing self-management and the quality of life and happiness.

Humanitas DMH will, in collaboration with Mentech Innovation, contribute to the validation of the HUME and intends to use the HUME in its care practice. An example is a traffic light function on a smartphone that warns the caregiver early if a tension build-up occurs at one of the clients. In addition to this signaling function, the HUME can also be used as an instrument for self-measurement or diagnosis. By using personal characteristics, environmental influences and facial expressions. The HUME can also recognize specific emotions and pain in the future.


15 November 2019 News

In cooperation with Special Olympics Netherlands, Mentech is developing an app for athletes with a intellectual disability. The app encourages athletes to work on their condition and health on a daily basis, making them fitter and healthier both on the sports field and in daily life.

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