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Early stress recognition with wearables and smart algorithms
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22 September 2021

Introduction The Trinity project team from Mentech and Tegema developed a demonstrator in which an ABB cobot works with an operator while performing complex assembly tasks. Stress detection was integrated to measure operator emotion during a cobot-assisted assembly task for optimal operator engagement (both in terms of operator well-being and productivity).  The objective of the […]

17 September 2021

“We are proud to now have Ami and INZET support us with the financial means and knowledge needed to accelerate our growth.” – Erwin Meinders, CEO Mentech To recognize the early stages of stress, Mentech has developed the HUME® – a smart sensing-system that visualizes stress through trained artificial intelligence models, all brought together in an […]

16 August 2021

To help care workers implement the HUME, instructional videos have been made available. These videos explain in an accessible way how to put the sensors on, clean and charge them and how they are connected to the application on the phone. There are also videos available explaining how the application on the phone works. Are […]

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