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Early stress recognition with wearables and smart algorithms
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18 June 2021

The Trinity project team from Mentech and Tegema developed a successful demonstrator in which an ABB cobot works with an operator while performing a complex assembly task. The HUME was integrated to measure operator emotion during a cobot-assisted assembly task for optimal operator engagement (both in terms of operator well-being and productivity). A robot can […]

15 June 2021

Let people with autism work as independently as possible, that is the starting point of Emogy. This is an application that, based on mood and energy, gives personal advice on how to deal with certain situations. This mood can be reported, but can also be measured with the HUME. Emogy helps people with autism to be […]

1 June 2021

After months of hard work, we designed and developed a landing page for the HUME in line with its new branding. Here you can find all information about this product. Have a quick look at it via the button below.  

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