New HUME pilot partner, Philadelphia!

16 February 2021

“We think it’s important to understand clients more thoroughly,” explains Inge Meijerman, Innovation & Projects Project Leader at Philadelphia Zorg. That is why we welcome them as a new partner in our HUME pilot project.¬†Philadelphia supports people with disabilities throughout the Netherlands. They live at Philadelphia, receive intensive care or ambulatory guidance. “With all these people we like to look for possibilities and opportunities to live their lives as simply and independently as possible.”

Stress makes communication difficult
“Communication plays an important part in that, and caregivers within Philadelphia pay a lot of attention to communication with residents. Yet for people with difficult-to-understand behavior (MVG), it is sometimes difficult to communicate with caregivers. Especially when he or she experiences stress. Understanding and being understood becomes even more important at such times.”

A sock that measures stress
By working with the HUME, Philadelphia caregivers can better understand complex behavior of clients and recognize tension and stress earlier. Philadelphia is one of the first care institutions to start measuring with the Senti Sock. A sock with sensors that measures skin conductance, one of the indicators for stress.

We start the process with a personalization phase where the caregiver helps the HUME get to know the clients better. This involves the caregiver indicating every stress moment of the client in the HUME app for the first two weeks. In this way, pattern recognition is developed for the client. After these two weeks the HUME will be personalized enough to start with the Early Warning function, where the caregiver gets a signal from the HUME as soon as the stress in the client gets too high.

Inge: “We are happy to be able to work with Mentech!” And we thank Philadelphia for their trust and we look forward to this cooperation with great enthusiasm!