Artist of Atelier Severinus designed logo for emotion and stress detector

6 May 2020

Mentech Innovation requested ten artists of Atelier Severinus to design a logo for the HUME®.

Atelier Severinus is a workplace for artists with a mental disability. The ten accepted the challenge. After a short briefing and some background information, the artists let their creativity run wild and translated it to an artwork that represents the HUME®.

In 2016 the idea arose to create a digital system for early recognition of tension, emotions and pain, the HUME®. Severinus was involved in its development from the idea phase onwards. With the HUME®, people with misunderstood behavior are given a voice again. Because if you can’t express how you feel, but a digital system can show this to your environment, you will be better understood and this will increase quality of life and happiness.

The artists were given complete artistic freedom, which resulted in very diverse designs. Just like the artworks are a way of expressing feelings and emotions, the HUME® gives a voice to those who need it by translating their emotions and feelings in understandable language. Kevin van Wijnsberge created a work of art called ‘Island of anger, frustration and sorrow’, in which the misunderstood feeling comes are brought to life. Laura Spruijt translated the HUME® in a completely different way and created the colorful ‘Emotion Message Board’.


Kevin van Wijnsberge                                           Laura Spruijt

The works of art by Frank van den Wittenboer were the basis for the HUME® logo. He created his art at ‘De Zilstermolen’ in Veldhoven, where Atelier Severinus is located. In his artwork communication is the key message, which is represented by two hearts that are connected to each other. ‘I like to work with different materials and techniques. I started with a sketch and ended with a digital artwork. At the moment I create a lot of digital animations. You can’t modify a canvas, but in an animation I can use all my imagination’. Frank is proud that his work of art became the logo of the HUME®, which is, to Frank’s great delight, not only visible on the stationery and the website, but also on Mentech’s company car.


The process of creating the HUME® logo.

Frank is a versatile and talented artist. Besides drawings, paintings, sculptures and digital artwork, he also writes poems. ‘My art has already been exhibited in the Cobra museum in Amstelveen, but I would like to win a prize one day. Some of my colleagues have won prizes, to celebrate, balloons went into the air. It is my dream to experience that one day as well.’

Official HUME® logo by Freek Rooijakkers

Would you like to see more works of art created by Frank, Kevin, Laura and their colleagues? Visit Atelier Severinus in Veldhoven. The artist’s work with different materials and techniques and their art is for sale and for rent: