Community Meeting HUME

28 September 2020

Concept version HUME application


Last Wednesday, the fourth community meeting of the HUME pilot study with all participating partners took place. In this meeting the current state of the HUME, important developments and cases were discussed.

An important development, and therefore an important topic for the meeting, is the HUME application. This application will communicate the tension of the client with the healthcare staff. Within Mentech Innovation, an user-friendly application is being developed for this purpose, in which the wishes and needs of the healthcare staff are paramount. We are therefore pleased that various partners have committed to provide feedback about the function, design and implementation of the app in the care process.

Another important update is that the processing time of the cases will be shortened in the future. Our intentions are to do that in three ways. First, we will classify less visual material. Second, we will only classify the obvious moments of tension. Lastly, we will limit the number of measurements. From this moment onwards, the focus will shift more towards guided implementation of the HUME.

The next meeting is on the agenda for December / January. Are you interested in participating in the pilot study of Mentech Innovation? Please contact us for more information and we will be happy to tell you what Mentech Innovation can do for your healthcare institution!


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