Delegation House of Representatives on a company visit to Mentech

9 December 2020

On Friday, December the 4th, Evert Jan Slootweg, CDA Member of the House of Representatives, and Christo Weijs, CDA City Council Member of Eindhoven, visited Mentech in Eindhoven. The reason for this visit was Evert Jan’s question: which bottlenecks are experienced by companies that develop care innovations for long-term care?

Evert Jan is a member of the House of Representatives and also a member of the permanent committee Public Health, Welfare and Sport and is very interested in innovations in healthcare. We have been seeing for years that the demand for quality care in the Netherlands is steadily increasing and the ability to provide this care remains the same. In our view, supporting technology plays an essential role in answering this additional demand for quality of care. Evert Jan: ‘I think that an invention such as Mentech’s will help us to answer the demand for care much better in the future. As a result, care providers will be able to work much better and people will have a much higher quality of life. It was a lot of fun to see what you can do with technology, to make people feel happier and at least understood’.

Thanks again, Evert Jan and Christo, for the visit. We very much appreciated your interest in the HUME and the open discussion. Hope to see you soon!