First community meeting with the HUME pilot study partners

23 October 2019

Together with Dutch healthcare organisations, Mentech Innovation has been working on a national pilot study to validate HUME in a practical setting within healthcare organisations.

In order to be able to share knowledge and experience with each other in an easily accessible manner, the first community meeting took place with the HUME pilot study partners on Monday 14 October 2019. This meeting was attended by employees from four different healthcare institutions. The attendees were welcomed with a lunch and were given a tour at Mentech Innovation. A presentation about the stress tests conducted at Mentech Innovation provided more insight into the development of our algorithms. An employee of Mentech also presented her research into the future user interface of the HUME app, which makes stress and emotions of clients visible to healthcare professionals. During the subsequent feedback session, the audience discussed the wishes concerning the use of this app in healthcare practice with each other. After discussing the progress of the pilot study, experiences were exchanged and the attendees discussed the further shaping of the community.

Some reactions from the participants

Wilbert de Groot (ORO):
“Thank you for this insightful and inspiring meeting. It is overwhelming to see which team is behind this innovation in order to come with a validated system that can help us in the future to be able to respond even better to the demand for care that is not just visible. ”

Niels van den Broek (ORO):
“It was very instructive to see how developments are progressing. In addition, the HUME is a very welcome detection tool because people with a disability exhibit difficult-to-detect behavior in most cases. The input of colleagues is interpreted correctly and is included in the research. A fun and very interesting project! ”

Jolien Verstegen (Severinus):
“Nice to hear the current state of affairs around the HUME and to see the Mentech company. It is also valuable to hear from colleagues from other healthcare institutions about the implementation of HUME within their organization and to exchange experiences on this.”

Martine van Gennip (SWZ):
“Nice to share experiences with each other and to think about the innovation and improvements of tomorrow!”

Mea den Boer (Zideris):
“Every time my path crosses with Mentech I am amazed by the knowledge, the enthusiasm and the human focus that they work with! I am proud that Zideris is part of this community!”

If you are interested in participating in this pilot study, please contact Fransje van Oost. Email address: