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14 October 2020

In the last few months, Mentech/EMOOD, has developed a happiness app for people with a disability or dementia, in collaboration with Severinus. The first version of the app is now available for everyone to use, which is why we proudly present the Feelix app!


The Feelix app has been developed to enable the social network around a client to actively contribute to his/her happiness goals. Network participants use the app to plan happiness activities with the client and score the activity afterwards. These scores, together with happiness questions, provide insight into the client’s emotional well-being. The happiness goals are derived from the individual care plan with which the Feelix app supports the care process.


Over the past few months, several people have experienced how the Feelix app works, including Adriëtte van der Wijst, involved family member of a ZorgWiel client. She says:

“Since the process of dementia started with my brother, we have noticed that the activities he used to enjoy so much, are no longer pleasant for him. For all those who are concerned about his happiness, reason to look for things that will make him happy and which he can enjoy. The Feelix app is a great tool to get a glimpse of what makes my brother happy!”


John Meijer, family member of a client and chairman of the client council of Amerpoort, is also concerned about his sister’s happiness:

“I always try to find a solution for my sister and all her fellow residents, who have been unable to indicate what makes them happy throughout their lives. With the Feelix app we identify the network so that everyone knows what makes her and her fellow residents happy, communication is very important in this case”.


The Feelix app gives the social network a good insight into the daily activities of the client and how she/he appreciates these activities. This is also a reason for Ilona Senders, Severinus’ policy advisor, to implement the Feelix app in the healthcare process.

“I think it is important that people with a disability can participate in society in their own way, can be themselves, can make their own choices and therefore experience happiness. The Feelix app helps us to interpret perceptible behaviour together and thereby gain insight into what someone likes, likes, values, or does not like”.


Are you also interested in using the Feelix app?


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