Highlights 2021

6 January 2022

2021 will go into history as the year of the implementation of the HUME in healthcare. We present the highlights to you!


? We developed and produced our own wearables for daily use in healthcare. And a new version wearable is ready for mass production in 2022!


? We launched the HUME app for both Android and iOS with a wide range of functions for healthcare providers, including the early warning function.


? We have welcomed 21 healthcare organizations as customers and we are extremely grateful for their trust, patience and flexibility.


? We have now 50 HUMEs in use at 21 care institutions, for which our implementation consultants travel all over the country every week to provide assistance.


? We have seen the first impactful cases and experience stories where the HUME increases the quality of life of people in a care institution (more on that later). The HUME has proven to be a reliable tool for care providers.


? We worked on the professionalization of the organization with a rebranding process for Mentech and HUME and the move to a new office building. We also boosted brand awareness with a press item in de Volkskrant, the release of the new HUME website and the TEDxtalk.


? We welcomed two new investors, Ami and INZET, who, in addition to financial resources, also provide us with a lot of expertise.


? Last but not least, we were able to expand our permanent team with 6 employees in new positions and we could finally organize a physical activity again!


In the upcoming year, we will continue to scale up the HUME, but also further develop current and new wearables.

We will keep you posted!