Impact HUME at Severinus

19 April 2022

The HUME is a set of smart sensors for misunderstood behaviour and stress. Personal assistant Esther van Waes uses it at Severinus care organisation: “Thanks to the HUME, we found out that we have to give our client more time in the morning. We learned that she finds it very stressful to wait for her bread. Therefore, we now prepare her breakfast in advance.”


Esther is a good watcher and listener. And yet she does not always know what is going on inside them. Esther works at a residential care facility for adults with very low intellectual abilities. The HUME, an innovation that measures stress via sensors, helped her to understand a client better.


“The HUME has helped us interpret her sounds better. We also now know better what we can do to prevent stress. It is also nice that the HUME shows that her sounds are not always an expression of stress. It is also a way for her to make herself heard. To let her know she is there.


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