Meet Denise Klep, Coordinator of the Data Science Team

25 March 2020

Meet Denise Klep, Coordinator of the Data Science Team of Mentech Innovation.

With a passion for simulating and modeling intelligence applied to humans, she found that Mentech is a place to grow within her field, while working on developing the best solutions for those who are the most vulnerable.

Mentech Innovation develops the HUME, a system for measuring real-time stress and emotions, ultimately to improve the quality of life and the happiness of vulnerable people. The HUME consists of wearables with built-in electronics and sensors to measure physiological data (such as heart rate, skin conduction, skin temperature and activity), and a data analysis platform to translate these measurements into stress levels and other emotions via smart algorithms and pattern recognition.

Her background, Denise wrote a thesis on ‘Modeling the effects of heat stress and time-on-task on cognitive performance’, matches perfectly with the mission of Mentech. Denise started her first working day only five days after her interview.

Four months later Denise discovered in Mentech an interdisciplinary fusion where everyone works together towards the same goal, achieving happiness and bringing back the voice of those who lost it. She loves how her technical field is breaking down barriers in order to give better understanding to characteristics, feelings and emotions.

Denise oversees the Data Science Team and is responsible for the collection of the Reference Database. She develops algorithms and models for the HUME with the use of the test results collected from clients of partners in the care organizations and from mentally competent tests participants. In other words, Denise and her team translate big data into a story that helps understand feelings and emotions of people. A huge challenge. ‘Technological development for mentally disabled care needs a creative approach.’

Interested to learn more, participate in our pilot study or participate as a test person for our reference database? Contact us for more information.

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