Mentech develops electrode patch with European partners

8 October 2021
Mentech has launched the European ‘Smartees’ project. In collaboration with Quad, Imec and BluMorpho, we are creating a strong ecosystem allowing us to develop a new patch and scale up the production of the HUME patches and wearables. This patch can be placed on the foot or chest and measures skin conductance in an effective and non-intrusive way for stress recognition. The patch is not visible and barely felt unlike other wearables. Therefore, it is also expected that the patch will be well accepted by our primary target group: people with intellectual disabilities or dementia. The advantage of the patch is that it stays firmly in place, accurately measuring physiology.

The patch works in addition to the HUME and facilitates the stress measurement process. The HUME determines physiological values and interprets the stress level of a client, so that stress build-up in a client can be detected early. This results in less intensive care processes for both client and caregiver.

The project does not only consist of developing the patch, but also the business case around the patch is central. In which other markets can the patch be applied? Which alternative market is most promising? And do we need to take into account additional specifications to facilitate this new market as well?


“In collaboration with QUAD and imec, we are developing a strong ecosystem for large-scale production of HUME patches and wearables. In addition, BlueMorpho supports in developing new market opportunities for the HUME.” – Erwin Meinders


Our partners

Through close cooperation with our partners, we are able to launch the Smartees project. We are very grateful for the contribution our partners make to us.

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