Mentech welcomes two new investors Ami and INZET

17 September 2021

“We are proud to now have Ami and INZET support us with the financial means and knowledge needed to accelerate our growth.” – Erwin Meinders, CEO Mentech

To recognize the early stages of stress, Mentech has developed the HUME® – a smart sensing-system that visualizes stress through trained artificial intelligence models, all brought together in an intuitive app. The HUME offers the caregiver to recognize behavioural change and thus improve the quality of life of people with misunderstood behavior. INZET and Ami endorse Mentech’s mission and are investing in the HUME to improve the quality of life and independence of clients.


Steady further development as a company

With the support of INZET and Ami, Mentech will be more capable to realize its ambitions. INZET is a social investment fund that invests in young, innovative companies that are committed to giving the long-term sick, people with disabilities or elderly a dignified, full life with as much independence as possible, always prioritizing prevention. Ami on the other hand is a consultancy company for advice on colossal ambitions. They consult and support entrepreneurs with strategical issues. INZET and Ami both facilitate in much needed knowledge and experience for Mentech to further develop itself: “We are proud to now have Ami and INZET support us with the financial means and knowledge needed to accelerate our growth.” as said by Erwin Meinders, CEO of Mentech. “With INZET and Ami joining us we now have two investors that believe in our proposition and the societal impact of the HUME. Thanks to these investments we now have the means and knowledge to accelerate our growth and implementation of the HUME.”

Pieter Oostlander, who is partner at Shaping Impact Group, the fund managing party of INZET, tells the following about working with Mentech: “Mentech is a company driven by intelligent individuals that created a solution for a tremendously big problem in the care field. “After years of thorough preparations Mentech is ready for introduction to the market as well as scaling itself. Exactly the part where INZET can make all the difference. We are happy to further allow this team to make a notable change in people’s lives with the solutions that they offer.”.

Raymond Maas, founder of Ami, says the following about their collaboration with Mentech: “We do not only invest because we believe in Mentech’s mission and solutions, but also because we want to gain more experience when it comes to building and utilizing data, algorithms and apps within our own services. With Mentech we have a serious strategic partner that allows us to also extend our own ambition.”.