New HUME pilot partner, Koraal healthcare!

13 November 2020

We are very proud to announce that we can welcome a new partner in our HUME pilot project: Koraal healthcare. Koraal is for people of all ages with serious (mental) disabilities and complex behavioral and/or psychiatric problems. They offer care, support, education and labor.

Koraal also struggles with regularly complex behavior among clients. Therefore, from the beginning of next year the HUME, with the permission of parents and relatives, will be implemented at various locations of Koraal. The HUME makes it possible to better understand the complex behaviour of the clients. By means of the HUME it is investigated whether tension and stress are important causes of complex behaviour. We will use sensors to measure the build-up of tension in a number of clients. Based on these measurements a pattern recognition can be developed for each client. In the near future the supervisor will receive a signal from the system when the tension in a client gets too high. This allows to prevent escalations in a timely manner. Great for the client and great for the healthcare employee!

We are very enthusiastic about this new collaboration and can’t wait to get started!

Are you also interested in participating in the pilot study of Mentech Innovation? Please contact us for more information and we will be happy to tell you what Mentech Innovation can do for your healthcare institution.

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