Partnership with ORO

8 July 2019

“ORO makes you grow with happiness. This involves choosing and participating. I want this and certainly not that.” To contribute to this ambition, ORO has started a collaboration with Mentech Innovation. Mentech Innovation is the developer of the HUME, a digital system for recognizing stress and stress build-up by people with mental disabilities. Many people with a mental disability cannot state how they feel. As a result, they often experience stress moments and are not well understood by their environment. It is important to better understand ununderstood behavior in order to increase the quality of life and the happiness of this vulnerable target group. In addition to less tense situations, better understanding and better care also lead to less tension among care providers.

With the help of sensors in wearables such as a sports watch, the HUME measures the heart rate, temperature, skin conductance and activity of a person. The observed signals are displayed in a stress indication using behavioral models and pattern recognition algorithms. Mentech Innovation has set up a national pilot study to validate the HUME for this application with healthcare providers. By using personal characteristics, environmental influences, voice and facial expressions, the HUME may also be able to recognize specific emotions and pain in the future.

By participating in the pilot study, ORO contributes to the validation and further development of the HUME and intends to use the HUME in its healthcare practice. Consider, for example, a traffic light function on a smartphone that warns the caregiver early as the is a build-up of stress for example. The potential of the HUME is enormous, for example the HUME can also be implemented as a tool for self-measurement of stress.