Stimulating a learning attitude

1 February 2021

AMI consultancy, En-gager Group and Mentech are starting a new collaboration to implement a methodology for a learning attitude. Together, we are committed to improve the learning culture of our organizations and stimulating the personal development of our employees.

The Engage to Learn project is designed to further professionalize our learning culture as learning organizations. To do this, we link strategic business goals to personal development goals and use cross-company coaching to optimize learning from each other. We use data from our organizations and smart algorithms as the basis of the methodology. This enables us to perform analyses and gain insight into the development patterns, the level of knowledge and thus the learning culture of the organizations. Based on these analyses, we can focus on the development of knowledge and competencies of employees on the one hand, and the realization of long-term business objectives on the other. This provides employees and employers with an optimum incentive to continue learning. A win-win for the employee and the employer!

Thanks to the SLIM arrangement, the Engage to Learn (E2L) project has been launched. Mentech, AMI Consultancy and En-gager Group work closely together. AMI Consultancy is the specialist in advice with impact and brings large-scale and complex projects with change management issues to a success. En-gager Group develops smart apps for measuring employee commitment and developing the learning culture of organizations. Mentech develops streaming software platforms and smart algorithms for recognizing patterns in large amounts of data. Together we are going to use our knowledge and experience to develop a culture of a learning attitude!