Successful release of the HUME v2.0

12 February 2021

In the past few months we have been very busy preparing the HUME for use by care providers. Within two weeks, the first care institutions will start measuring with the HUME v2.0! But what does the updated version of the HUME includes? Please read further in this news item.



There are two sensors that we use to measure with the HUME v2.0. Unlike before, we can now measure with the SentiSock. This is a sock with sensors that we have developed and produced internally. Currently, the sock is able to measure the skin conductance of the wearer. The second sensor, the chest strap, measures the client’s heart rate and movement.

The sensors can now be connected to the HUB. This is important so that data from the sensors is sent to the cloud. The HUB is an app on a phone that takes the caregiver step-by-step through the process of how to put the sensors on the client and how to link them to the app.

Once the data from the sensors is sent to the cloud, the data is processed through behavioral models and converted into stress-related information. Both the static and dynamic models are highly accurate in the HUME v2.0. This means that we can distinguish stress from movement.

Also, it is now possible to personalize the model per person. In this way, the caregiver is asked to give input to the HUME at times when a client is experiencing stress. In this way the HUME gets to know the client very well and can recognize and predict stress even better.

The information from the behavioral models is forwarded to the dashboard app that the caregiver can operate. In this app, the caregiver can indicate which clients she wants to add. In this way the caregiver can keep a close eye on the stress level of the clients!



The HUME v2.0 is now able to support the caregiver in three areas:

  • Early Warning function

Early intervention in the event of an escalation can limit the consequences of the escalation such as self-harm

  • Diagnostics

Investigating the cause of escalations or unusual behavior

  • Effect measurement

Measuring the effect of an intervention in approach, offer of activity, change in medication etc.


Are you curious how the HUME v2.0 can help you? Please contact us at: and together we will look at the possibilities!