Tegema and Mentech demonstrate affective manufacturing for enhanced production performance

4 December 2020

Tegema and Mentech join forces to demonstrate a smart factory concept in which the arousal level of the operator is utilized for optimized production performance. The concept integrates an artificial intelligence decision algorithm based on operator arousal and production performance in a smart factory for high-mix, low volume manufacturing.



Manufactures are often confronted with the negative impact of human factors on safety, productivity, and product quality. For manufacturers, it is essential to take measures to minimize risks related to human behavior. An affective factory, incorporating affective strategies based on operator arousal and performance, has great potential for safer manufacturing conditions and for higher product quality and yield.

The digitization of the industry and the increasing need for customized production offers great opportunities for affective factories. Smart factories combine a high degree of flexibility and are data-driven, integrating IoT technology and smart sensor systems for in-line quality and process control.


Demonstration of the smart factory

To reduce the negative impact of human factors in manufacturing, operator arousal is measured and included in the production performance strategy. Operator arousal is determined by the operator’s physiological response during operation, measured with smart wearables and vision sensors, and trained artificial intelligence models. Too low or too high arousal levels negatively impact production performance. The demonstration will therefore incorporate strategies to manage operator arousal, both through system and operator interventions. System interventions include, for example, adjustments to product complexity or the manufacturing process by the help of (support) tooling or cobots. Operator interventions include for instance custom instructions, work / life balance modifications, etc. The incorporation of human arousal data into manufacturing strategies will further enrich data-driven manufacturing and will also find application in cobot-driven manufacturing.



The demonstration is in line with the Smart Industry agenda and Industry 4.0 challenges as drawn up by the EU. The demonstration is funded by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program of the European Union under grant agreement No. 825196.

Tegema is an innovative equipment manufacturer of robotics-based assembly systems for low volume, high mix products such as photonic systems. Tegema maximizes production performance in terms of efficiency and quality. Tegema combines knowledge and expertise in assembly optimization, equipment, and joining & bonding.

Mentech, a med-tech company, develops an emotional artificial intelligence platform based on wearables (for physiology and speech recognition), behavioral models and machine learning to facilitate behavioral change, improve self-management, and increase quality of life and happiness of people.