Wearables in healthcare, a concern more or less?

22 March 2021

In our daily lives, wearables are indispensable: they measure, for example, how many steps you have taken or which route you cycled. Wearables also offer more and more possibilities in healthcare: from simple monitoring to help in the operating room. What are the possibilities for monitoring stress in people with disabilities such as dementia or intellectual disabilities? And how do you know if you are measuring what you want to measure? This evening gives you a look at the possibilities and impossibilities of wearables in health care, especially for people with disabilities, from different perspectives. Stimulating and in-depth.

During the online reference evening next Thursday, March 25 from 19.15 – 21.30, facilitated by Fontys, Eric Riegen will speak at 20.10 about measuring stress with the HUME. What is the effect on your organization when a care worker is warned of an approaching escalation in a resident? Can stress measurement make care warmer?

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