Webinar Emogy

15 June 2021

Let people with autism work as independently as possible, that is the starting point of Emogy. This is an application that, based on mood and energy, gives personal advice on how to deal with certain situations. This mood can be reported, but can also be measured with the HUME.

Emogy helps people with autism to be more self-reliant by registering their energy and mood. By gaining more insight into this, stressful situations can be dealt with more quickly and patterns that cause negative energy or mood can be broken. Each client receives a personal app based on their own signaling plan. Through this app, mood and energy are registered, situation sketches are entered and personal advice is given based on the entered data. An environment for the supervisor is also available in which the interaction between supervisor and client is sought. Because the client’s requirements and wishes may change during the course of the program, it is possible for the supervisor to adjust the signaling plan to the current situation. No more paper, always up-to-date and available everywhere. This is also currently being tested in a pilot phase.

This new application helps people with autism to be more self-reliant and to get more grip on their energy and mood. To test this, clients of Autismepunt in Eindhoven are currently busy using the app in a pilot phase together with their supervisor.

In the next webinar on 29 June 2021 from 10.00 – 11.00 the results of this pilot will be discussed. Also, Erwin Meinders will explain how we can measure mood in people with autism using the HUME.

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