Johnson&Johnson visiting Mentech Innovation

5 juni 2018

We have been given the pleasure to present our product prototype to Johnson&Johnson – a multinational manufacturer of medical pharmaceutical products and consumer goods.

During a presentation from our CEO and software engineers, a live demonstration of our first prototype was given. We have received positive feedback and advice from the experts of Johnson&Johnson.

First, a brief introduction was given by Erwin. He introduced Mentech Innovation and gave a speech about the company values, methods and plans for the future. Then Bart and Stef gave a demonstration of our working prototype – a website connected through a gateway to a wristband.

After the presentation, a feedback session took place. The experts from Johnson&Johnson have offered to Mentech business ideas, possible improvements for the future and gave some advice. We want to thank Johnson&Johnson for their time and we hope to stay in touch with them in the future.

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