Mentech Engineering, a sister company of Mentech Innovation, commercializes the emotion artificial intelligence platform for hightech applications and markets, such as human-machine interfaces and automotive, and offers concept design and engineering services in the field of control systems, software modules and web applications.


What is Mentech Engineering?

Mentech Engineering, a sister company of Mentech Innovation, develops affective technologies to enable smart interaction between humans and systems. It commercializes the emotion artificial intelligence platform in hightech and automotive markets for increased safety and user experience.

The emotion AI platform integrates sensor technology for biofeedback, behavioral models and pattern recognizing software to deploy affective strategies for stress and emotion regulation.

Two key application fields include human-machine interface technology for increased safety of hightech system and increased road safety.

“Mentech Engineering offers human-machine interfacing solutions for hightech systems, safety systems and autonomous driving.“

Offered services

Streaming platforms

  • Architectures
  • Multi-node sensor implementation
  • AVG compliance
  • Database management
Control systems

  • Architectures
  • Electronics and software design
  • Algorithm development
  • Feedback control systems

  • Architectures
  • Web-based application and app design
  • Databases

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The global trends of personalization (quantified self), smartification and digitization of society offer great opportunities for affective strategies and human-machine interaction systems.

Mentech Engineering commercializes affective technologies for self-management, behavioral change, increased quality of life and happiness of people.

Mentech Engineering offers services at three levels:

  1. Streaming platform technology, including sensor technology to capture multi-node parameters, advanced algorithms for signal reduction and machine learning models for pattern recognition;

  2. Control systems for emotion feedback (smart environments);

  3. Web-based applications for visualization (websites, apps);

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