Job Application: Do’s and Don’ts



Job Application: Do’s and Don’ts

Applying for a job or internship is quite some work. Every company requires you to send a CV and a motivation letter, but how to actually create these documents? And if you are invited for an interview, how to leave a good impression? This article will give you a list of good practices when applying and a little insight on how the interviewing process at Mentech Innovation works. You can use the checklist below as an aid to make your documents stand out.

Creating a CV

Attaching a picture to the CV might not be necessary, but it is a very good practice. We want to know who we are going to (possibly) have an interview with, same as you can find the team member pictures on the About Us page.

If you attach links in your contact information, check if they actually lead to your pages. You can also test it with the incognito mode, just in case.

All the parts that have to be in a CV are easy to find on the Internet. It’s okay if you don’t have much previous studies or experience. However, the will to learn and take part in extra projects is important. If you participated in any extra projects make sure to put them on your CV.

If you are applying for an engineering position, please put an emphasis on your relevant skills. Check the vacancy description and which skills are needed there and make sure you mention them in your CV.

Writing a motivation letter

Writing a motivation is something most people struggle with. However, with some work put into it, just the motivation letter can get you really close to being hired.

To write a good motivation letter you first need to research the company you are applying to. Check the website, LinkedIn, Facebook and any additional information you can find on the Internet.

The language of Mentech Innovation is English, even though we are located in the Netherlands, therefore the CV and motivation letter should be written in English.

The checkboxes describing the parts of the motivation letter give an aid to make sure all the necessary information is mentioned in your letter. Try to be interesting and interested. We do value an interest in our company and in the related field a lot.

A typical motivation letter should consist of 4 paragraphs: Introduction, About You, Why Should We Hire You and Conclusion. Make sure you have them all, even if the text in them is small.

Avoid mentioning any skills that you cannot prove in the “About You” part. For example if you say that you program in Java, tell us in which projects you have used it. If you say that you’re a great team member, say if you have participated in many projects or what your team members think of you. You can also mention what your short term plans for learning are (e.g. “by the end of summer I am planning to code in C”).

In the Why Should We Hire You part mention some values of yours and how they relate to company’s values. Mention your soft skills. Write how the company will contribute to your development and why. Write how you will contribute to company’s development.

Job interview

When you have applied using our contact forms, usually it takes us about 3 days to reply. We inform you if you have been invited to an interview and propose a date and time.

Before going for an interview read once more the materials you’ve gathered about the company. Take your laptop with you, we might want to see your previous projects. Usually that doesn’t happen, but bring your laptop just in case. Please dress appropriately. Having a suit is a bit over the top, but definitely no sweatpants/t-shirts/flip-flops etc. Formal shirt, jacket and dark jeans are good. Of course we will not judge you by your looks, but it will help to set the mood right.

You should come to an interview alone, and on the agreed time. It’s okay, however, to tell us beforehand that you will be late for a valid reason. The entrance to the building is usually closed, so either use an intercom or ask us to pick you up from the entrance. We totally understand you might be a bit stressed before an interview, and we take that in account. Usually we offer a cup of tea, a small talk and a tour around the office to help you relax. When you come to the office it is good manners to shake everyone’s hand.

You will be interviewed by a team of 3 people (usually). During the interview we go through the CV and motivation letter asking related questions. Make sure you can answer questions about your previous projects, skills and work experience.

Overall, try to relax and consider the interview just a talk. We have all been interviewed for a job and we understand that it might be stressful. Be interested in the company and the related field, have relevant skills, smile and if we have an assignment for you we will definitely hire you.

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