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This site uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience. In general, cookies are used to retain user preferences, store information for things like shopping carts, and provide anonymised tracking data to third party applications like Matomo. As a rule, cookies will make your browsing experience better. However, you may prefer to disable cookies on this site and on others. The most effective way to do this is to disable cookies in your browser. We suggest consulting the Help section of your browser or taking a look at the About Cookies website which offers guidance for all modern browsers.


  • What are cookies?
  • What are the cookies used for?
  • What does this website use cookies for?
What are cookies?

Cookie is simply a technology to remember information about the user. So, even if you refresh your page, the website will remember that it is you. Cookies can be used to see which pages the users visit. It is not necessarily a bad thing, it depends on a website. Cookies can be used purely as a method to improve user experience.

What are the cookies used for?

As cookies are similar to memory of the website, they can be used to remember who you are. This can be used for the websites on which you need to login, so the website will remember who you are. This also can be used for the websites on which you buy things, to remember who you are and what you bought. Some websites use cookies to remember what you do on their website, and to target ads at you. As you see, cookies are not necessarily good or bad, that depends on what the website does with them.

What does this website use cookies for?

We use cookies purely to improve user experience. First, having cookies allows us to see for example which job vacancies have been clicked more than others. Second, it allows us to login to adjust this website. Third, we use Matomo to see how the website is used, the visited pages, traffic and so on.

You can see more yourself, if in your browser you go to the top of the window where the website link is. Next to it, there is a small letter “i” in a circle. If you click on it, then on “Show connection details” and then on “More information”, in the “Privacy and History” section you can see the cookies enabled.

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