Article in the OPE Journal

17 March 2022

Enhancing the quality of life of vulnerable people using printed electronics. A great example of how innovation and technology can be applied to healthcare! The OPE journal has written an interesting piece on our collaboration with Quad Industries and the possibilities of printed electornics and the patches we are implementing in disability care.



Together with Quad Industries and with the support of SmartEEs_EU, we developed a smart foot patch with printed electrodes to measure electrodermal activity. One of the key physiological parameters we use to determine a user’s stress level with our HUME system.



It serves as a perfect example on how innovation and technology can contribute to improve care, increase the quality of life of vulnerable people and reduce caregivers their workload. The patch creates a tailored fit and maximum comfort and acceptability for each client individually.



The product will be featured as a demonstrator at LOPEC | Trade fair and conference for printed electronics at the end of this month. It will be released to customers as an addition to our smart sock in Q3 2022, together with our brand-new wearable device. Stay tuned for more!



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