Are you ready to reduce stress in your organisation?

Then start with the HUME!

Due to the HUME, we reduce the number of stress moments of more than 50 clients every day. For a fixed monthly fee with a minimum period of 6 months, your organisation can begin using the HUME.


Please ask for a price quotation and describe your specific wishes. We will then contact you as soon as possible so your organisation can start implement the HUME.

Measure stress in clients

People with dementia or intellectual disabilities sometimes show behaviour that is difficult to explain as a caregiver. In many cases, this behaviour is caused by stress. And stress is measurable. Wouldn’t it be nice to be ahead of this behaviour through early interventions? Start with the HUME and discover the possibilities and opportunities for your organisation.

The HUME consists of:

In consultation with the caregiver, it will be determined which sensor (chest band, patch and/or a sock with sensors) will be accepted best by the client. The chest band and the patch measure heart rate and movement and the sock measures skin conductance and movement. The HUME translates these measurements into an indication of stress.

Monitor the clients’ stress levels and be alerted when stress levels are rising. You can then respond to stress at an early stage and intervene, which in some circumstances can influence behaviour. It is also possible to review the stress level up to one hour in advance and include this in the daily routine. 

After sufficient measurements have been taken at specific moments, we can start comparing a client’s behaviour and stress level. This allows us to better identify the cause of particular behaviour and test the effect of interventions. The team can use the HUME results to reduce the cause of stress. 

The HUME is used when there is a specific care need. In consultation with our implementation consultants, who have experience in the care sector, we will discuss this specific need. We select the sensors most fitted with the client and choose the moments at which measurements must be performed. We support the caregivers with trainings and take responsibility for the quality and quantity of the measurements. Sufficient qualitative measurements are important for the HUME models to function. With the generated stress information, we answer the demand for care. We also help to draw up an action plan with the care team.

starting at €950 per month

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Measure stress in yourself

In professions where stress levels are very high, our technology is a useful feedback tool. It helps you learn to be more self-aware. You gain insight into the frequency and duration of stress moments. With this information, you can discuss and/or reduce stress. This contributes to sustainable employability and can help professionals to stay in balance, both at work and at home.

starting at €150 per month

The HUME consists of:

In order to measure your own stress, you need to wear a chest strap that measures heart rate and movement. The HUME translates these measurements into an indication of stress.

Follow your own stress level throughout the day and receive a warning when stress levels are rising. You can then leave a stressful situation at an early stage or afterwards take an action that will calm you down. It is also possible to check your stress level up to 1 hour in advance and take this into account in your agenda.

When sufficient measurements are taken at specific moments, you can look back and discover, for example, a pattern in your stress level. This increases your ability to find the cause of stress and reduce this. 


There are already many organisations that use the HUME daily. Please read their experiences below.

Gerard Cialdella Regional Manager Prinsenstichting

"When you understand misunderstood behaviour, you know better what to do. We deploy the HUME with clients where we obtain the most impact and can make the biggest difference in quality of life."

Esther van Waes Caregiver Severinus

"Thanks to the HUME we discovered that we have to give our client more time in the morning and that we should not rush. Talking nicely, telling her what we are going to do and paying attention works much better. If we show that we can see and hear her, her stress levels drop immediately."

Koen Rosbender Behavioural Scientist 's Heeren Loo

"Thanks to the HUME, we can measure whether stress builds up before an escalation occurs and make an intervention in time. In this way, the HUME can cause a revolutionary change and contribute to the development of the treatment line."

Inge Meijerman Project Leader Innovation Philadelphia

"In stressful situations, it is difficult for people with difficult-to-understand behaviour to communicate with caregivers. Understanding and being understood are even more important at such moments. With the HUME we wish to better understand this behaviour."

Anoniem Behavioural Scientist Severinus

"The HUME is like a 'voice' for the resident who has difficulty telling us whether something is pleasant or not. With the HUME, we found out that a resident builds up stress even before we could see it with our caregiver's eye."


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