Mentech and SARA Robotics will collaborate for development of an emotionally intelligent robot

5 July 2022

Brainport companies Mentech and SARA Robotics have signed a strategic partnership to jointly support long-term care for people with dementia or intellectual disabilities with innovative solutions. An emotionally intelligent robot, combining the data and AI-driven platforms of Mentech and SARA, will be the latest innovation for person-oriented care and support.


The intensive cooperation focuses mainly on the technological further development of existing applications (Robot SARA and HUME), which will also be marketed in combination. In this way, both parties trust to be able to offer an additional solution for the high work pressure, the increasing shortage of care personnel and keeping the costs of care manageable.


“Care is something we do together, that has been our motto from day one. With Mentech, SARA can grow further and offer a more complete solution in healthcare. By integrating both platforms, we can strengthen the autonomous character of SARA and together we will make an even bigger difference for clients and care workers.” – Maartje Claassen, Director SARA


“Care must retain its beautiful character in the future and technology helps with that. A combination of stress information from the HUME and a care robot like SARA can have a preventive effect and a direct impact on clients and care workers.” – Eric Riegen, COO Mentech


Software support & platform integration
The collaboration starts with the transfer of the software from SARA Robotics to Mentech, which also involves cooperation in the daily support and maintenance of the software applications. In the short term both parties want to migrate the platforms, which will simplify the integration of the products and the addition of new features to the existing software.


“The integration of the robot into our platform offers many opportunities, including reducing development time and making it easier to introduce new features. Mentech’s technology and expertise lends itself to rapid steps in the technological development of SARA.” – Reon Smits, CTO Mentech.


“The development of SARA and the IP ownership will remain with SARA, but a partner like Mentech and the technology and expertise they bring will improve the SARA platform and accelerate the future development of functionalities that further contribute to the support and interaction in the care process. In addition, we can enhance the added value of our joint proposition in the market” – Maartje Claassen, Managing Director SARA


Joint workplace
To optimally facilitate this collaboration, SARA Robotics will move to Mentech’s location at the Boschdijk in Eindhoven. This will make it easier for both parties to communicate and provide optimal support to each other and its customers.

“Why do it the hard way, if you can do it together? A precondition of this cooperation is that we know how to find each other quickly and easily. Then working together in the same place is actually a no-brainer. Besides, it’s great fun for both teams. We are going to get a lot of value out of this for our customers and for ourselves.” – Maartje Claassen, Director SARA


“The collaboration with SARA Robotics will generate a lot of synergy. We see this in a joint solution in which we identify tensions at an early stage and intervene. In this way we can serve the long-term care sector even better and contribute to a structural change.”
– Erwin Meinders, CEO Mentech