Partnership with ‘s Heeren Loo

3 December 2019

Many people with intellectual disabilities cannot state how they feel. As a result, they often experience unnecessary moments of stress and they are not always understood by their environment. Better understanding and appropriate interventions may lead to less tense situations, but also to less tension among healthcare providers. ‘s Heeren Loo has started a pilot study in collaboration with Mentech Innovation to provide insight into signals of stress, emotion and pain by people with misunderstood behavior.

The HUME project links the measurement results of the HUME, the system for early recognition of stress, emotions and pain to video images. Based on this, behavioral experts and group counselors can indicate when stress occurs at clients. Participation in the HUME project is expected to provide new insights into the causes of stress build-up in the long term. This makes it possible to use more targeted interventions to reduce or even prevent the build-up of stress.