Understanding Misunderstood Behavior with Innovative Smart Sock at Gemiva

21 July 2023

Within the Gemiva healthcare institution, the Hume, an intelligent sock developed by Mentech, has been successfully implemented to detect, interpret, and display human stress levels. This Dutch innovation is embedded with sensors that capture bodily responses to stress, including movement, heart rate, and sweat production, which are then translated into a user-friendly app.


Since January 2023, a client with challenging behavior at Gemiva has been wearing the Hume. This individual, who faces communication challenges, had unpredictable aggressive outbursts, often leading to intensive restraints. With the Hume, caregivers now receive early warnings of escalating stress in the client. This early alert system enables them to provide timely support.


The personal caregiver noted, “Thanks to the Hume, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of the client’s needs. It aids us in recognizing stress signals earlier, reducing the need for restraints. And when restraints are necessary, they are now shorter and less intense.”


The Gemiva project team is pleased with the initial results and highly recommends the Hume for broader adoption within the organization. “The sock not only provides insights into the stressors faced by clients but also demonstrably enhances their quality of life.”


The Center for Consultation and Expertise (CCE), an expertise hub for healthcare professionals, also lauds the project. A spokesperson from the CCE stated, “What was once misunderstood behavior can now be understood.”


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