Implementation of the HUME at Esdégé-Reigersdaal leads to increased stability and understanding

17 April 2023

Since July 2022, HUME has been used at a residential location of the care institution Esdégé-Reigersdaal. This innovative technology reduces tension for client Terry and contributes to a more stable, safe, and creative living environment.


At a residential location of Esdégé-Reigersdaal, HUME has been in use since July 2022. Cluster manager Mireille van der Gaag and behavioral expert Irene Hoogervorst were immediately curious when they heard about this aid. After consulting with the caregivers at the location and the relatives, it was decided to start a pilot with client Terry.


“Thanks to this aid, Terry experiences much less tension, and we can better connect with him,” says client caregiver Liza enthusiastically. Terry’s behavior has been better understood since using HUME. Cluster manager Mireille van der Gaag: “Thanks to the implementation of this care technology, our location is more stable, safer, and more creative.”


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