The HUME provides insight into tension buildup and prevents escalations at Philadelphia

10 April 2023

The HUME, an innovative technology consisting of a smart sock and an app, offers healthcare professionals at Philadelphia insight into the tension buildup in residents. This helps staff better understand residents’ behavior and prevent escalation.


At the Philadelphia care institution, caregiver Eline and her colleagues were looking for a solution for a resident who sometimes exhibited unexpected biting behavior. Their manager suggested using HUME technology. This technology uses a smart sock and an app to gain insight into tension buildup in residents, allowing their behavior to be better understood and potential escalations to be prevented.


Following a pilot with HUME, Eline and her colleagues are now able to detect when the resident is tense earlier and respond more effectively. They discovered that leafing through a magazine is an effective way for this resident to reduce stress during the bus ride to and from day-care activities. Eline enthusiastically shares, “We see in the app that she is much less tense. The day-care staff also report that she arrives differently.”


The HUME technology not only has a positive effect on the resident but also contributes to the well-being of caregivers and other stakeholders. By gaining insight into residents’ tension buildup, caregivers can better anticipate situations and prevent escalations.


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