Mentech collaborates with DoiT and AWS for enhanced cloud efficiency

25 May 2023

At Mentech, we are dedicated to empowering vulnerable individuals. Our flagship product, HUME, utilizes biofeedback sensors and AI models to measure and visualize stress in real-time, offering caregivers invaluable insights into the emotional well-being of patients.


Initially developed in an AWS cloud environment, we sought to enhance the stability and efficiency of HUME as our user base expanded. Thanks to the expertise of DoiT, we transitioned from a monolithic database to a combination of AWS services, resulting in a 60% cost reduction. Furthermore, our system reliability improved by at least 30% after addressing back pressure issues.


DoiT’s comprehensive AWS Well-Architected Framework Review further assisted us in identifying areas for improvement. Implementing the recommended changes, we fortified our cloud infrastructure, ensuring scalability and reliability. As a result, our cloud spending decreased by 10%, and the resolution time for issues was halved.


Since partnering with DoiT and AWS, Mentech’s HUME user base has grown fivefold. The enhanced system can now accommodate even more users, ensuring consistent reliability.


We greatly value our collaboration with DoiT. “With their knowledge and expertise around AWS and other technologies, DoiT has been, and continues to be, an essential partner for us,” said Reon Smits, co-founder and CTO of Mentech.


For a detailed account of our journey with DoiT and AWS, read the full article on DoiT’s website.