Humanitas employs HUME to quickly get to know client after 30 years living at home

5 May 2023

New client onboarding

Humanitas DMH provides sheltered care and support for people with intellectual or multiple disabilities. Mentech supports various Humanitas DMH care locations with the intelligent sensor system HUME to address complex care issues in clients with misunderstood behavior. For example, personal support worker Matthijs Batenburg employed HUME to onboard a client with a severe intellectual disability who had lived with his parents for 30 years.


Innovative sock

HUME is an intelligent sensor system developed by Mentech. The system measures stress and stress buildup using advanced wearables, such as a sock, and visualizes this data on a clear dashboard. This provides insight into a client’s stress level. Thanks to timely warnings, support workers can intervene more quickly and prevent escalations. Understanding stress buildup also helps employees better cope with stressful situations, ultimately preventing burnout.


Lack of daily structure causes stress

Under Mentech’s guidance, the support group’s caregivers started working with HUME. By using the system daily, it quickly became clear when the client was experiencing stress. The client remained calm during weekdays, but stress increased during weekends. Matthijs suspected that the lack of a fixed daily structure and clarity during weekends led to stress. During weekdays, he was able to provide a daily structure and clarity. As a result, Matthijs introduced a fixed weekend day program to offer more structure.


New insights thanks to HUME

The fixed weekend day program demonstrably led to less stress. HUME showed a significant decrease in tension. Matthijs confirms: “The client is noticeably less tense during weekends due to the provided clarity and structure. With these new insights, we can guide and support the client even better in their daily needs.” Less tension also means fewer escalations, which is a significant gain for both the client and the support worker. This creates more room to further tailor care to the client’s needs. Matthijs: “I recommend my colleagues also start working with HUME, and that’s possible!” Humanitas DMH invests in a long-term collaboration with Mentech to structurally improve the quality of care.